Welcome to iMicrobe

What is iMicrobe?

Scientists have amassed a wealth of microbiome datasets making it possible to study microbes in living systems on a population- or planetary-scale. Yet, this potential hasn’t been fully realized given that the tools, data sets, and computation are available in diverse repositories impeding the synthesis of large-scale data sets by the microbiome community. To address this challenge, we developed iMicrobe.us (see www.imicrobe.us) to create a community-driven microbiome data marketplace and tool exchange for users to integrate their own data and tools with those from the broader community. iMicrobe partners with CyVerse and XSEDE to deliver compute, tools, and project-based data storage in a unified framework for microbiome sciences.
iMicrobe offers an integrated and federated system that interconnects diverse microbiome data sets, tools, and community resources that can evolve with the scientific aims of the community. iMicrobe is built on the guiding principles for FAIR data towards increasing the utility of data for both machines and people. iMicrobe is free-to-use and open source.

Who is iMicrobe?

iMicrobe is developed in the Hurwitz Lab in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at the University of Arizona. For more information about the Hurwitz Lab see the lab web site: http://www.hurwitzlab.org/


  • Dr. Bonnie Hurwitz - Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Alise Ponsero - Post doc, Scientist
  • Ken Youens-Clark - Lead Programmer
  • Matt Bomhoff - Senior Programmer
  • Kai Blumberg - PhD student, Scientist
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